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Welcome to DMS Group - DMS on Line & WWRN Central Names Index

The Case for using DMS Group's International Resources:- Few organisations offer such a wide range of commercial resources to assist discerning senior Managers in their tasks. Focussed on 'Trade', 'Commercial' and 'Management' risk issues, DMS Group offers a truly 'one-stop resource' for to minimise risk in 'Debtors', 'Investment' and 'Executive Hire'.

DMS Information Services:- whether reports and other research resources are used by you to vet (a) commercial customers for 'credit risk', (b) J.V. or other Partners, Takeover targets, Distributors, Agents from a 'Due Diligence' standpoint, or you (c) require Education, Employment or Credit Profile research on Individuals, DMS Group has a sophisticated array of services for you, all delivered in our friendly, personal Six Star Service.

Other DMS Services:- a wide variety of 'Exporter Services'; 'Debt Collection' resources in Australia and 130 other countries; 'Final Letter' service and 'Locations & Skip Tracing' in 100 countries worldwide; 'Credit Insurance' of Australian and overseas debts - worldwide; and 'Marine, Property, Casualty & Workers Compensation Insurance' services.

DMS' Customers:- customers in more than 85 countries, including State & Federal Government Agencies, Educational Organisations, Exporters & Importers, Forensic Accountants & Lawyers, Credit Insurers & Credit Reporting companies, Manufacturers Wholesalers & Service Providers, rely on DMS Group expertise while working intimately with us.

Service Commitment:- 'Six Star Service - one better than the rest' is internationally recognised as our 'Credo'; DMS is totally committed to the excellence implied. Please ask for a copy of the 'DMS Credo'.